One of the Simplest Church Social Media Hacks: Bring Your Posts Back From the Dead

by Chad Hugghins | Sep 26, 2017

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If you're a social media manager for your church, you're always looking for ways to keep your church's content in people's newsfeed. The problem is, when you are trying to leverage social media for your church, it can be hard to find the time to constantly create new posts that lead to high engagement.

Lucky for you, a lot of church social media content tends to be fairly "evergreen", i.e. it's content that will always be relevant to people. Everyone once in a while one of your posts might lead to a lot of engagement in the form of likes, comments, and shares.

That's always an exciting feeling, right?

But then it's over, and soon that successful post was months and even years in the past.

Here is how you can leverage these high performing posts from years ago to get back in front of people in their newsfeed, and reach them where they're at.

It's so simple.

Bringing Posts Back From the Dead

If you have really high performing posts from years ago, why let that engagement go? The Facebook newsfeed algorithm is heavily weighted towards engagement right now. So, if you have posts where people have engaged at a high rate, the algorithm reads that as a piece of content that these people want to see in their newsfeed.

That engagement data is still in the newsfeed algorithm, months, even years later.

So, to bring a high performing post back from the dead, all you have to do is refresh it with a quick comment.

That's it!

Facebook Content Refreshing In Action

Here's a simple example from my personal profile.

This is a post I made in 2013. It had around 20 people commenting on it.

Facebook post from 2013


To bring it back from the dead, all I did was refresh it with this comment.

facebook content refreshing in action

And just like that, this post re-entered people's newsfeeds, and it has continued to get engagement and comments....4 years later.

The algorithm is so weighted in favor of engagement, that this post actually showed up in some of the newsfeeds of people that I wasn't even friends with 4 years ago.

Here is a notification that I got from Katie Allred liking this post. I didn't know Katie when I wrote this post 4 years ago. But since I refreshed it, the historical "engagement juice" was apparently enough to have it appear in her newsfeed as well.

church social media hack

*Sidenote: Katie is one of the founders of the Church Communications Facebook Group. You should check it out if you aren't already there.

How to Use This For Your Church

This example from my personal profile is ultimately pretty meaningless, because who cares if Mad Men was a good TV show or not? As a church though, you have years and years of social media posts that are hopefully more impactful than a debate about a TV show.

That evergreen content is the perfect type of content to re-enter the newsfeed of people who are connected to some degree to your church or the people who like your church.

How to Know if a Post is Ripe for Refreshing

One of the big advantages that your church has with this tactic that I didn't on my personal profile is the ability to see analytics on your posts.

As a starting point, I would open Facebook Insights and scroll through the years of posts and find ones that have a 10% engagement to reach metric. So, if you reach 1000 people, you'll want the post to have at least 100 total likes, comments, and/or shares.

If you have a church Facebook page with a ton of posts through the years, you can also export the post data from Insights and sort through everything at glance in 180 day chunks.

Or, if you want to, just find a post that you remember having a lively comment thread going.

Once you find some ideal posts, just refresh them!

You Have More Content Than You Realize

With this refreshing hack, you'll realize that your church's Facebook presence has more content than you realize. In fact, you are more than likely sitting on a gold mine of evergreen content that is ripe for the newsfeed algorithm. You don't have to rely solely on new content that you are creating to reach people in their newsfeeds. You can continue to cultivate a healthy stable of evergreen, engagement friendly posts.

If you want to really take it to the next level, you could keep a spreadsheet with the post IDs have the most engaged posts you make for quick access later.

Adopting this simple tactic into your social media strategy should hopefully bring you a new, and scaleable stream of engagement.

Let Us Know How It Goes

So, what do you think? Have you ever tried to bring a post back to life?

If not, give it a try!  If it works for your church, send us some screenshots, and we'll add them here to inspire others.


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