Meet TechSoup, the Organization that wants to help you save $$$

by Jason Deutsch | Feb 01, 2018



Are you working with a tight budget? I want to let you know about an awesome resource for 501c(3) Nonprofits that you can start using today.

TechSoup is a global organization that is working to make technology more available to changemakers all over the world. TechSoup accomplishes this by offering great discounts on products almost any church uses, ranging from Microsoft Office to a refurbished computer. The best part is that TechSoup is completely free to join and available to any 501c(3)!

Getting Started

Creating an account is simple, but you will need a little information about your church to finish the account. I recommend tracking down your EIN and annual operating budget before starting the form.

Once you have that info the first step will be to head over to and hit join now.

Next, you will be prompted to create your own personal account. This will be separate from the organization’s profile so I recommend using your own contact info and email; this will make it much easier to recover your account in the future if you ever get locked out.

The final page is where you will create the organization/church account. On this form be sure to use the organization’s EIN. Many churches, especially those associated with a denomination or network, receive their tax-exempt status through a parent organization. Even if that is the case for you, go ahead and use your specific EIN rather than the EIN for the parent organization. TechSoup will take care of this for you and connect you to your network once the account is created.

Once the organization profile is created you should receive a confirmation email. This email will include your organization details as well as an Association Code. The association code will allow other TechSoup users to link their account to the organization and act on its behalf. You may also notice that under validation details your status will show as “qualification pending”. During this time TechSoup is working to verify your non-profit status, so you will not be able to request any donations. If you have any questions during this period you can always contact TechSoup customer service and they will be able to help verify your account. Many times a church, especially those under a parent organization, will need to send a copy of their Determination letter to complete their verification.

As soon as you are verified you can begin requesting donations. Here are a few products every church can use.


Office 365 - Free!




Office 365 is offered totally free to any non-profit registered with TechSoup. This product offers access to hosted email with 25GB of storage per user. It also includes Office Web Apps which are cloud based versions of programs like Word, Excel, Etc. Note that the free plan does not include the installed version of Office. Thos can be purchased at a discounted rate of $29 per user. 

Intuit QuickBooks $50/yr




Looking for an accounting solution? A TechSoup membership allows a subscription access to this well known Finance software for just $50 a year.

Adobe Creative Cloud $19.00/month


When it comes to content creation the adobe creative has become a staple. The creative cloud includes Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, as well as other popular Adobe production.


Google for Non-Profits – They Pay You! (Seriously)


Google for Non-Profits is one of the Internets best-kept secrets. It includes G-Suite for up to 50 users completely free. Though G-Suite you can set up Hosted Email, Google My Business, and other Google products. However, the very best part about joining Google for Non-Profits is that they are ready to give you free money!! Well sort of. Google offers up an Ad Grant that credits an adwords account with $10,000 a month in adspend to promote your cause. At $2.00 a click that’s 5,000 new visits to your site every month completely free. Even better, at CV Outreach want to help you manage these ads. If you are interested in learning more about our free ad management program you can watch this webinar.


TechSoup is an awesome organization that every church should join. They are a great way to save your budget and possibly open up new opportunities for your church. Head on over to right now to get started!