The Importance of Reaching People Online

by Chad Hugghins | Dec 12, 2016

An Unparalleled Opportunity.png

For better or worse, the internet has changed the way we live our lives.

One one of the most striking examples of how this technology has directly impacted us in the way we access information.

Google Has Changed the Way We Access Information

The Google Search bar has become the ubiquitous starting point for accessing information. We can find information for everything from driving directions to recipes to historical facts to celebrity gossip to philosophical world views.

In fact, scientists think that Google is actually changing our brains. Crazy.

What Does This Mean for Christians?

So, what does this mean for us as Christians who are called to share our faith according to The Great Commission? It means that people are exploring faiths and spiritual world views from a new starting point. It means that people are asking serious questions in that familiar Google search bar. The types of questions that they are asking have profound and eternal implications to us as Christians.

Questions like:
“what is the meaning of life?” (Googled on average 60k/month)
“feeling lonely” (Googled on average 6k/month)
“how to pray” (Googled on average 14k/month)
“how to become a Christian” (Googled on average 1k/month)

The Danger of Doing Nothing

What are the implications of we, as the collective Christian church in America, doing nothing in response to this very present reality of online seekers? The reality is that there are hundreds of opposing world views being presented in thousands of different search results as possible answers to these questions. To use the same search terms, we can look at the overwhelming number of choices that seekers have when they search for these questions.

Search Results for:
“what is the meaning of life?” (25.5 million search results)
“feeling lonely” (44.5 million search results)
“how to pray” (174 million search results)
how to become a Christian” (194 million search results)
Are we comfortable in hoping that out of those millions of searches a Christian world view will be accurately presented? If Google is the way that people are accessing and looking for information, shouldn’t we be obligated to make sure that we can provide these Seekers with Biblical answers to their questions that will point them back to Jesus?

If we do nothing, then we are allowing every other world view to fill the data base of information that is made available to people that are using Google to search for answers.

Let’s meet these people where they are.

An Unparalleled Opportunity

The speed at which we can transfer ideas and information has never been faster than it is today. During the days of the early church, the existence of the complex system of roads that the Roman Empire had established made it easier for Christians to travel to neighboring towns and communities in order to spread the Good News. The internet is our modern Roman Road. It has given us the ability to reach people at the click of a button from across the world with the life-changing news about Jesus Christ.

It is vitally important that the Church rises up to harness the power of this platform in order to make known the person and work of Jesus Christ.

That is the opportunity that we are working towards. That is the journey that you are invited on. We hope you will join us.