How to Lead Creatives in Church

by Chad Hugghins | Oct 04, 2018

Creativity is one of those intangible skills that seems to be the sort of thing some people are born with and others aren't. This is especially true when it comes to the visual arts like filmmaking, photography, and design.

Those visual arts are crafts that most churches would love to excel in, but here's the thing: most church pastors are not creative.

They just aren't.

And that's okay.

So, that begs the question, how can a church pastor lead creatives well?

It may seem like a basic question, but I've found that there is oftentimes creatives and non-creatives seem to be on different wavelengths when they try to communicate with each other.

Two Things You Need To Do To Lead Creatives

So, I asked Phil Cooke his opinion on the matter.

Phil is a Hollywood Producer with a PHd in Theology. Among other things, he consults with churches and ministries about how to better leverage media.

Phil had two big takeaways that you should focus on when leading creatives. Watch below:

Phil Cook_How_to_lead_creatives


Want to Watch More?

There are about 30 more minutes of my conversation with Phil that you can watch in our Youtube Playlist about Storytelling and Filmmaking. We cover everything from Phil's filmmaking pet peeves, to Hollywood as a mission field, to the best way for churches to get started with storytelling.

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