How One CV Outreach Partner Church Diligently Pursues Seekers in Their Community

by Bryce Runyon | Mar 07, 2019
“We are now…

This is statement Pastor J made to us after he was asked, “Is your church used to seeing these types of ministry opportunities?”

Since beginning their partnership with CV Outreach, a church in Decatur, Georgia has been faithful to meet with CV Outreach connections who have responded to one of our Introduction to Jesus campaigns. Then, through one to one conversations and group counseling sessions, they have been uniquely leveraging their church resources and giftings to encourage people to become true followers of Jesus.

Originally, Pastor J told us that from the CV Outreach partnership their church has had the opportunity to provide ongoing marriage counseling to 18 couples.

However, he’s recently updated us.

Here is what he said:

“It is very encouraging that you and the CV team take the time to speak to local pastors and give a chance for us to tell you what we are seeing locally. The tool that you created has been a vital asset to us…and honestly we have never had so much connection with our surrounding community. I relate this connection directly to the CV Outreach tool, and the commitment our team has here of not just answering emails, but intentionally making connections with seekers.”

The following is the process that he told us his church takes with each person that they are connected to through CV Outreach.

“We have conversations over the phone or over a cup of Joe where typically a relationship is formed and the Seeker is invited to join one of our POD groups (small, Bible study groups). These PODs were actually formed around the trends in the general subjects/pain points from the CV Outreach connections we were getting in our community.

We currently have the following going on now, thanks to CV Outreach:

25 POD groups meeting weekly or bi-weekly:

6 - "Dealing With [Grief]“

6 - "Understanding Faith"

4 - "Overcoming Depression"

3 - "Abuse" (sexual, physical, or mental)

2 - "Empowering You"

2 - "Victory over Addiction"

1 - "Wive's Group"

1 - "Husband's Group"

In addition to the above…[since] beginning with CV Outreach, in regards to the people we’ve connected with who have marital struggles:

  • 51 Couples have entered counseling sessions with me personally
    • Currently, we have 14 couples in counseling sessions
  • Out of the 37 other couples that have been through counseling:
    • 29 have completed their counseling sessions
    • 4 asked us to do re-commitment ceremonies
    • 2 ended their separations, and moved back in together
    • 24 have committed to "wellness" checkups for their marriages 6 and 12 months after counseling officially ended

-Pastor J”

The diligence with which each CV Outreach connection was pursued and followed up with by Pastor J’s team is encouraging and exciting to hear about. We love partnering with local churches and hearing about all of the face to face interactions they are having with the people in their community that otherwise might not attend church and give their lives to Christ.