God Making Old Connections New!

by Meghan Feeney | Oct 21, 2020
Boy, do I have a story for YOU.
One of our church partners (you know who you are) recently got an email from a woman named *Rachel via CV Outreach. She shared very briefly about a history of dishonesty/infidelity in her marriage and how she was looking for restoration. And our partner was blown away--this woman was someone he knew from church, someone he'd been walking alongside for some time now!

*Rachel and her husband have been struggling in their marriage for a while. And our partner sensed some kind of spiritual blockage in her life, perhaps from addiction. When he reached out to her with the details of this email, she had shared that she was ready to take her life. Our brother-in-Christ here was able to counsel and encourage her. *Rachel is now getting some treatment in another state and, when she gets back, she's going to pursue counseling.

Now, THAT'S something only our great God could make happen.
 Give a shout out to God for His kindness, goodness, and clever hand below 👇🏻 Drop a prayer for healing and restoration in *Rachel's marriage while you're at it!