Discipleship Happens in the Context of Relationship

by Nick Runyon | May 23, 2018
"Come, and follow me." This simple invitation to travel the road of life together that first changed the lives of the 12 disciples, and later the world, is rooted in a simple and often overlooked truth. Discipleship happens in relationship. In the three years following their initial call to follow Jesus, the disciples would grow in their relationship and understanding of God's promise, but also in their relationship and fellowship with one another.
I've always thought about what it must have been like to leave everything to follow Jesus as one of his first disciples. But rarely have I considered the relationship developed between the disciples themselves.

The Bible tells us that the disciples remained together following the resurrection of Jesus, and were celebrating Passover together at Pentecost. Powered by the Holy Spirit, the men who walked the road along with Jesus would carry out his commission to take the Gospel into all the world.

At CV Outreach, we want to re-think Gospel engagement. As millions of people are touched by the Gospel online through digital evangelism, we want to build ground-up solutions that create deep discipleship relationships between individuals seeking spiritual truth, and a motivated believer who can walk through life with them.

CV Outreach is moving from a broadcast model of one organization reaching millions of people, to a model that uses our operational capabilities to help create millions of one to one relational connections between local churches and future disciples.

Our team is cheering on the local church. How have you experienced discipleship relationships in your walk? We love to hear stories from others as our brothers and sisters walk the roads of life with fellow disciples. Feel free to share your experience in the comments below.