Church Technology and People

by Nick Runyon | Sep 25, 2017

We were killing it! Our startup was growing quickly by championing the small business owners we were reaching every day. But one night, my perspective totally flipped on how to leverage technology. 

When My Perspective Changed

I walked in the door that evening to find my wife was sitting at our kitchen counter amazed by what she was reading on her laptop. As a volunteer Online Missionary, she was spending her evenings responding to prayer requests from people around the world. She had just written to a woman in India asking questions about the Bible before clicking onto the next message to find a prayer request from a man in Nashville, Tennessee. Total strangers were asking deeply personal questions through this "random" website they had found while searching the Internet for answers to their spiritual problems!

The Big Realization

In that moment I realized two things that have shaped our work in digital evangelism programs:

1.)The world is small 
2.)People win people to Jesus

The church technology and social media that we use every day for church growth can be used to connect with people who have questions about spiritual things. For a church, this presents an incredible opportunity for new evangelism programs. 


But remember, technology is most effectively leveraged when it is used to support a strategy that adds value to people's lives. 

Advancements in technology haven't changed how people want to relate. People still want, and need, to connect with other people. In moments when people are lost and searching, they are looking for more than answers. They seek the touch of a caring person who can provide answers. Your church can provide this personal connection.

Expand Your Influence

As your church develops outreach strategies and uses social media in the church, help your team focus on people. Identify the differences between technology that we think is cool, and technology that actually adds value to people's lives. After all, people matter, and we can best touch the world with the Gospel by building meaningful relationships with people in our circles of influence. 


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