A Story of Impact

by Sydni Wade | Jul 23, 2020

"After emailing back and forth, Derrick was able to connect with a woman over the phone who recently lost her job in the hospitality industry. She has been fighting a drug addiction and, in this season of isolation, it has been particularly difficult. Her kids were driving her crazy and she was having marital troubles, too. I sensed that she needed to see that someone was willing to stand behind her and I was able to care for her in this way. 

People in her community have been inviting her to visit church with them for a while, but she was afraid of some of the social interactions that typically take place at a Sunday morning service. I encouraged her to just try it out since now is the time to “visit” a church—with online church being the new norm, you don’t actually have to see and interact with people! Since she’s not in my area, I offered to connect her to a pastor in her area. She accepted!"

-Derrick Sindt at Faith Community Church of the Nazarene


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